The brand known the world over for their brake fluid and coolant is now also offering their own line of motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines. Introducing the all-new Prestone G-Tech and D-Tech line of motor oils.

Available in 1-liter and 4-liter sizes, Prestone's new line of motor oils meet stringent requirements across the globe and can be used in both old and new types of engines.

First up is the G-Tech range of motor oils suited for gasoline-powered motors. G-Tech Advance serves as the brand's mineral & synthetic blend and is rated at 10W-40. It uses a hydrocracked base oil with a core additive for better engine performance. It also improves piston cleanliness, increases engine sludge protection, deliver better fuel efficiency and lower oil consumption on naturally-aspirated and turbocharged engines.

Next is G-Tech Synblend which has a SAE viscosity rating of 5W-40. According to Prestone, this synthetic blend features the latest in automotive lubricant technology for improved fuel efficiency. It also exceeds the requirements of most modern engine emission and oil consumption standards. It's suitbale for both naturally-aspirated and turbocharged gasoline-powered motors.

Finally, there's G-Tech Fully Synthetic that has been rigorously tested for sustained engine protection at high temperatures. With a natural high viscosity index (5W-40), it has low volatilty which allows for extended drain intervals and better fuel savings. Like the previous oils, it meets current API SN standards and can be used in modern gasoline and turbocharged engines.

Prestone PH enters the motor oil market

As previously mentioned, Prestone is also offering diesel motor oils called D-Tech. There are two variants available under D-Tech; 500 SynBlend and 500 Fully Synthetic.

500 SynBlend is a super high performance diesel (SPHD) synthetic blend that promises to deliver outstanding performance and durability for the engine. With a viscous rating of 15W-40, it will provide protection as well better overall performance in both new and old diesel engines. It will minimize oil consumption for maximum drain intervals, neutralize acids in high sulfur fuel and is suited for use on engines with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems and particulate filters.

For those that want a heavy duty diesel engine oil, there's the 500 Fully Synthetic blend. It is also rated at 15W-40 and may be used in the latest low emission diesel engines fitted with particulate filters and other exhaust after-treatment devices. Like 500SynBlend, it is also suitable for older diesel-powered motors.

Prestone motor oils are manufactured in Singapore by an ISO-certified blended plant. Each lubricant use very high base VI oils and meet the requirements set by theAmerican Petroleum Institute (API). Moreover, they meet the recommended viscosity for tropical climates set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).