Still waiting for the arrival of your brand new Everest, Ranger or Ranger Raptor? Well, we got some good news for you as the company has announced that production at Ford Thailand has officially resumed.

According to the Blue Oval, the Ford Thailand Manufacturing (FTM) factory has restarted vehicle production since May 18, Monday. Like the U.S. factories which also resumed operations on the same date, the company has put up strict health and safety measures to keep the workers safe.

These include constant body temperature checks upon arrival at the factory, daily employee and visitor health self-certification before work every day, the wearing of face masks by the employees at all times, the wearing of safety glasses and face shields for jobs that don't allow for social distancing, and extended cleaning time between production shifts.

Workers in the factories are also asked to frequently wash their hands and avoid having to touch their faces. Should a worker feel sick before going into work, they are advised to stay home and not clock in.

Production of Ford Everest, Ranger resumes in Thailand image

Besides FTM resuming operations, AutoAllianceThailand (AAT) has also resumed operations. The factory builds the left-hand drive (LHD) models of the Everest and Ranger which is where Ford Philippines sources the units. With it, we can expect that Ford will not have any problems supplying Everest and Ranger units to the Philippines, including the newly-launched Everest Sport.

 "We have already secured allocation for Everest Sport even before the lockdown. We will not suffer any lack of production," said PK Umashankar, assured president and managing director of Ford Philippines.

As the country's economy and local dealerships slowly reopen, those looking to buy an all-new Ford will have no trouble buying a brand new unit.