It was back in March at the New York Auto Show when Toyota introduced the all-new RAV4 for the US market. Rather than the usual evolutionary design as seen with its predecessors, the 5th-generation model features a revolutionary redesign and takes on styling cues from the FT-AC concept. While it has been on sale in the US for quite some time now, most of us in Asia are still waiting for the crossover to makes its official debut in the region.

It won't be long now as the automaker recently began production of the all-new RAV4 in Japan. Toyota Industries has announced that production of the new RAV4 at its Nagakusa Plant in Japan has already commenced. In order to mark the start of the crossover's production at the plant, Toyota held a ceremony which was attended by Moritaka Yoshida, vice president of Toyota Motor Co. together with Akira Onishi, president of Toyota Industries Corporation. Present as well were other Toyota executives and representatives of dealerships in Japan.

Production of Toyota RAV4 begins in Japan

In Japan, Toyota has announced that the RAV4 is scheduled to be launched in early 2019. That said, expect other countries around the world to likely follow soon after. Given that Toyota Motor Philippines also sources RAV4 units from Japan, it is possible that the Philippine debut will be sometime after the Japan model launches, likely in mid-2019.

The Toyota Nagakusa factory first started producing cars back in 1967. Since then, it has continuously built compact and medium-sized vehicles in the Toyota line up. It first started producing the 2nd-generation RAV4 in 2001 and has since sold 2.38 million units to the world market. It currently produces RAV4s for both overseas and the Japan market.