Mercedes-Benz has kicked off the production of the CLA Shooting Brake at the company's plant in Kecskemét, Hungary.

The German automaker says the CLA Shooting Brake is the second model series to be exclusively produced in Kecskemét plant after the Mercedes-Benz CLA. The said plant produced around 150,000 B-Class and CLA-Class vehicles last year; moreover, 300,000 vehicles have rolled off the line since the plant started production in 2012.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

Drawing design cues from the CLS Shooting Brake, the vehicle features a long hood and a sloping roofline. Judging from its exterior, the CLA Shooting Brake is basically the smaller version of the CLS Shooting Brake.

The vehicle is fitted with a diamond radiator grill with central Mercedes-Benz star. It also has LED headlights integrated with daytime running lights and frameless side windows. The vehicle's sloping roofline offers more headroom and has a luggage area of 1,354 liters when the rear seats are folded.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake is powered by a number of engines ranging from:

2.1-liter four-cylinder diesel that delivers 138 PS and 300 Nm of torque as well as 180 PS and 350 Nm

1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline that generates 124 PS and 200 Nm of torque as well as 158 PS and 250 Nm

2.0-liter gasoline with 214 PS and 350 Nm of torque

2.0-liter turbocharged that produces 360 PS and 450 Nm of torque