Prologue SUV marks the start of Honda's electric future

Like most automakers, Honda is leaping towards an electric future and plans to go all-electric by 2040. So far, the Japanese automaker already offers the e hatchback. It will then be joined by the production version of the SUV e Prototype, effectively an electric version of the HR-V. Now, Honda announced another model will be joining the brand's lineup of EVs, and it's called Prologue.

The name is quite interesting, but Honda does have a reason for it. According to the automaker, the name Prologue signals "a new electrified era that will lead to the company's vision for 100% zero-emission vehicle sales in North America by 2040".

Unfortunately, Honda has not yet revealed specific details about the vehicle apart from it being an SUV. No teaser photos have been released either apart from the vehicle's logo. The automaker did say an Acura counterpart of the Prologue will debut in the same year. Both models will be underpinned by General Motors's modular EV platform and benefit from the company's Ultium battery technology.

"Our first volume Honda BEV will begin our transition to electrification and the name Honda Prologue signals the role it will play in leading to our zero-emission future. The Prologue will provide our customers with a battery-electric SUV with the excellent functionality and packaging they’ve come to expect from Honda," said Dave Gardner, executive vice president of American Honda.

After the debut of the Prologue, Honda also plans to launch a new series of EV models in the second half of the decade. But rather than using GM's platform, the new models, ranging from sedans to crossovers, will ride on Honda's new e: Architecture modular platform. These vehicles will then be offered in various markets around the world.

The Prologue is still a few years away. With that, Honda plans to bridge the gap between the electric future and today by introducing hybrid systems to core models such as the CR-V and the all-new Civic Hatchback.