Ever had the harrowing thought of getting thrown out your car's panaramic sunroof? Not really. In fact, the issue of being ejected via the panoramic roof is unlikely. However, it is still a plausible scenario. To address this, Hyundai Mobis, the automotive parts division of the South Korean automaker, has developed the world's first panoramic roof airbag.

If the sunroof is open, the new panoramic roof airbag is intended to prevent occupants from being launched outside of the vehicle via the glass roof incase of a roll over. When the sunroof is closed, it gives passengers additional cushioning and head protection from hitting the glass, reducing the risk of having serious injuries or even death. During development, Hyundai Mobis is said to have conducted test dummies and was found to have reduced major injuries significantly.

Protect your head with Hyundai's new panoramic roof airbag

Hyundai's special airbag is said to be made from special tempered glass which then expands and covers most of the sunroof. It is installed inside the sunroof and deploys forward from the rear. A sensor then detects if the vehicle is rolling over before inflating the airbag at a speed of .08 seconds.

The Korean automaker has yet to announce which vehicles will come with the new panoramic roof airbag. However, expect it to be used on models that come with a sunroof or panoramic roof such as the Kona and other premium SUVs.