Whether you like it or not, driving could be sometimes uncomfortable. Why do we say that? Imagine yourself driving in an out-of-town trip with your family, and all of the sudden you'll hear an annoying "clonk" noise in your vehicle shock absorbers. Sounds bad, doesn't it?

Good thing that aftermarket parts were invented to address the problem of shock absorbers. And that's what O-SULEE can bring! It is a product from Taiwan which was introduced in the country to help prolong the life span of shock absorbers.

O-sulee is made up of a thermoplastic elastomer that installs in between the gaps of the vehicle's coil springs. O-SULEE also promotes road stability by minimizing shaking, tilting and drifting. The thermoplastic is resistant to heat, corrosion and cracking, giving O-SULEE an extremely long life! So this rainy season, don't forget to installed O-SULEE spring cushion in your vehicle. O-Sulee Spring Cushion is locally distributed by Healthy Living. For more information, call 241-9602 and 230-8770 or e-mail [email protected]