Quirino–Mindanao Ave intersection now open to all directions

Motorists that frequently pass through the intersection of Quirino Highway and Mindanao Avenue know how bad the traffic in the area can be. Aside from motorists heading towards the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), a good number of people pass through the area to get to Novaliches and back.

To alleviate the constant gridlock traffic in the area, the Quezon City government has decided to implement a new traffic scheme for the intersection. Since November 15, 2021, the intersection has allowed traffic to move in all directions. This means motorists can now cross, turn left, turn right, and even make U-turns at the Quirino Highway–Mindanao Ave intersection no matter which direction they're coming from.

QC gov

For reference, the previous setup didn't allow motorists to pass through the intersection however they want. Those passing along Quirino Highway and headed towards Novaliches had to turn right on Mindanao Avenue. They then have to make a U-turn on Mindanao Avenue before proceeding along Quirino Highway once again. But with the intersection now open, they can head straight towards their destination without taking Mindanao Avenue. It's the same for motorists coming from other directions.

The Quezon City government hopes the new traffic scheme will help smoothen traffic flow along Minandao Avenue and Quirino Highway. Since it is only a dry run, they can switch back to the original scheme if the traffic situation doesn't improve or worsens. There is no word yet until when the dry run will be in place. Furthermore, traffic enforcers will be directing and controlling the flow of traffic at the intersection.

Residents of Novaliches and motorists that frequently pass through the Quirino Highway–Mindanao Avenue intersection, how has your commute been so far with the new traffic scheme? Did it improve, or did traffic become even worse now that the intersection is open? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.