The quarter-mile: the measure of a car’s speed on a straight line. The race to make the 400-meter sprint in less than 10 seconds has been dominated (for quite a time) by one car, and that was the Honda Civic SiR (the only ones who came close or broke into the 10s were modded ones, though). Fast-forward to today, and faster cars have been built since the iconic Honda's heydey. Of course, we have to admit that the SiR is still somewhat of a standard for, err, speed.

On a different note, crossovers have taken the PH market by storm. While they aren’t supposed to be performance vehicles, speed is still something that most crossover buyers consider when purchasing one. So, what crossover can take on the venerated SiR in a sprint? Not too many have tried, but Geely saw fit to pit a Coolray S against the high-performance albeit stock Civic.

Here’s a primer before you watch the video below. The SiR’s engine, the B16A, is a naturally-aspirated inline-4 that pumps out about 160 horses. The Coolray S, on the other hand, has a 3-cylinder turbocharged mill that churns out a rated 177 horsepower. The Geely may have more power under the hood, but the Civic SiR has the upper hand in weight. Sure, it's an apples to oranges drag race, but it's an interesting match-up nonetheless

What did we just see? In a nutshell, the Coolray and SiR had two heats off the line. As you might have expected, the Civic dominated the race, beating the Coolray by an average of three-tenths (0.3) of a second. Not to be outdone, Geely wanted another crack at winning, but this time with a rolling start. Lo and behold, the pint-sized crossover did it!

In the vernacular, “iwan yung Sir, pare”. During the first two races, the Coolray’s automatic transmission had difficulty getting off the line. With the rolling starts, that difficulty was non-existent, and it beat the Civic by what looked to be a convincing margin.

Okay, so really, this may pass off as a novel stunt by many. But if there’s one thing that was proven here, it’s the fact that the Coolray can hold its own. Again, it was never meant to be a quick, racing-oriented performance vehicle. However, for those who may want to have spirited bursts, the Coolray can, in a way, still give you a rush.

Just make sure you do it on open stretches only, and don’t be inconsiderate and downright reckless while you’re at it, yes? Or even better, support your local race track and invite a couple of friends. No one here supports any form of street racing. Really.