If you think the City of Manila and Valenzuela are the only ones implementing no contact apprehension, better think again. Quezon City will be implementing a similar system to apprehend motorists and deter violations.

According to the QC local government, the City Council recently approved the second reading of the proposed no-contact apprehension program. If implemented, the LGU says that it can monitor various roads around the city without needing traffic enforcers to be in place. At the same time, it can protects both enforcers and motorists by reducing physical contact during the pandemic.

There's no word yet when the system in QC will be introduced but the LGU says that camera systems will be put up at 15 different main roads across the city. The LGU did not say which roads these are, but they did say “main roads”, suggesting major thoroughfares such as Quezon Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, and more. Similar to Manila, traffic violators will be sent a notice of violation (NOV) to the address listed in the vehicle's registration.

Expect to hear more details about Quezon City's no-contact apprehension program once the implementation date approaches. The LGU should include specifics such as how the NOVs will be delivered and how to pay for fines. They may also launch a database to check for violations, similar to the system currently implemented in Manila.

Seeing how well the no-contact apprehension program worked in Manila, it's no surprise other cities in Metro Manila have begun adopting the system. According to the Manila LGU, traffic violations in the city reportedly dropped by 25% to 31% month-on-month in the first half of 2021.

With Quezon City preparing to implement no-contact apprehension, do you think other cities should do the same? Feel free to chime in with your opinions below.