Ginetta isn't exactly a brand that's in the subconscious of many people. Say the word 'supercar' and the Italians typically come to mind, namely Ferrari and Lamborghini. Despite their relative obscurity outside of Europe, the humble British race car builder wants to take on that challenge nonetheless. 

So coming soon from Ginetta is a rather special, series production supercar. For now, they're not laying all the cards on the table just yet, but they did mention pretty interesting details. The yet-to-be-named car will have a carbon fiber tub chassis, full carbon body, a race-derived naturally-aspirated V8, over 600 PS, a sequential gearbox, and a race-derived aerodynamic package.

Race car maker Ginetta wants to take on Aston Martin, Ferrari supercars image

By the looks of it, the Ginetta appears to be front-engined thanks in part to the length of its front end. It also looks like it has a sharp nose and aggressive air outlets on the hood. Upon closer examination, what Ginetta has done is in the form of a GT3 racer for the roads. That being said, it could come with some creature comforts, as it is a road car rather than a track day special.

As for the engine, it is yet to be determined although Ginetta has two options. Their race car, the G55, uses a Nissan V8 engine known as the VK45. If you're familiar with it, it's the same one used in the Patrol and Infiniti QX80. The other option can be through General Motors. Yes, the versatile LS series engine could power the Ginetta in the form of the LS3. In stock tune, the Nissan VK45 makes well over 400 PS, and the same goes for the Chevy V8. Both engines can be tuned north of 600 PS, and with these two motors in their arsenal, it seems like Ginetta will have two robust powerplant options to motivate their race car for the road.