Land Rover launched the Range Rover Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Hybrid on August 21, 2013. The two models are expected to deliver efficient fuel economy, lower CO2 emissions yet retain the performance and capability Land Rover is known for.

To give a preview of the capabilities of the all-aluminum models, three Range Rover Hybrids have just started the ‘Silk Trail 2013’ on August 22. This 16,000 km expedition covers 12 countries and challenging roads as the SUVs make their way from the Range Rover brand home in Solihull to Tata’s home (the parent company) in Mumbai, India.

The hybrid Range Rovers are equipped with the 3 liter SDV6 diesel engine with a 35 kW electric motor. The power plants are integrated with the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. The hybrid system comprised of the lithium ion battery pack, inverter and electric motor weighs less than 120 kg. Moreover, the electric motor doubles as a generator.

The electric motor is capable of 170 Nm and running up to 48 km/h in a 1.6 km range during EV mode. When the diesel engine and electric motor work together, output is increased to 340 PS and 700 Nm where a 0-100 km/h burst is attainable in less than 7 seconds. Top speed clocks in at 218 km/h while CO2 emissions is reduced by 26% to 169 g/km.

Both models promise to deliver a ‘class-leading’ capability and versatility. Land Rover will be open for orders starting September 10 while deliveries will start early next year.