After a 2-decade hiatus, Ford Philippines has finally relaunched one of their proudest models yet: the Ford F-150, a pick-up that frankly requires little introduction.

In a series of media interviews today, Ford Philippines President, PK Umashankar personally walked us through some of the important details of the returning model. And let's start with the variants and prices:

2020 Ford F-150 4x2 Lariat Sport Super Crew 3.5L EcoBoost: PhP 2,698,000

2020 Ford F-150 4x4 Platinum Super Crew 3.5L EcoBoost: PhP 2,998,000

Ford PH launches 2020 F-150 pick-up, starts at PhP 2.698M image

As you can see, the F-150 will be priced at PhP 2,698,000 for the Lariat variant with a sport package already fitted as standard. The unit that Umashankar showed us is finished in red. All Lariats will be the 4-door Super Crew model.

The other variant is the top-of-the-line F-150 Platinum, which will retail for PhP 2,998,000. Like the Lariat, this will be a Super Crew model, albeit with significantly more chrome.

Ford PH launches 2020 F-150 pick-up, starts at PhP 2.698M image

All F-150 will have the 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost twin-turbo engine with 387 PS, as well as a 10-speed automatic. The only difference in terms of the powertrain is the drive wheels: the Lariat will be rear-wheel drive, while the Platinum will be a 4x4. 

There is one pertinent question though: Why no F-150 Raptor?

The F-150 became particularly popular worldwide thanks to the F-150 Raptor, a high-performance model that showed the capabilities of the pick-up on challenging desert terrain. The model proved to be such a hit that Ford developed a “Raptor” model based on the global Ranger pick-up truck, given that the F-150 was mostly a U.S. market truck.

Ford PH launches 2020 F-150 pick-up, starts at PhP 2.698M image

But Umashankar said that the Raptor may come at a later time, but right now they won't offer it. He did, however, mention that the Ranger Raptor's success in the Philippines finally convinced Ford to bring back the F-150.

“The confidence of the Philippine market to buy into a lifestyle reinforced the idea that F-150 could really work for us here,” said PK Umashankar, Ford Philippines President. “Of course besides all this, there is a great fan following of F-150 here in the Philippines. I do get mails from customers directly asking me: Can you import an F-150 for me? Can you help me with that? When is the F-150 coming?

“That enthusiasm of the brand is continuously there, reinforced by the Raptor acceptance here, gave us the confidence to bring the product again.”

This is how much the 2020 Ford F-150 will cost here in PH image

There are rumors circulating amongst Ford's dealers that the F-150 will have problems with supplies and that it will be offered in limited numbers. Umashankar said that unless reception is surprisingly strong, they shouldn't have a problem with supplies; it will just be a matter of ordering and waiting for these U.S. made trucks to arrive.

The only problem Ford Philippines currently faces with the F-150 (apart from the economic effects of the pandemic) is the timing. The launch of the 2020 model in the Philippine market is far too close for comfort to the world (well, U.S.) premiere of the new generation/redesigned 2021 F-150 in a few days' time.

“We were originally planning our launch in the month of March, as you would know. Because of the setting that we are in right now, we had to push down the launch 3 months, and we got very close to the North American 2021 model reveal.”