When you buy a brand new vehicle, often one of the last things on your mind is maintenance – it is brand new after all.

The dealership also offers complimentary services for the first 1,000 km and 5,000 km. However, these are not inclusive of any consumable parts such as oil and filters along with any other miscellaneous items. Only the service itself is free, and this means the bill could make a dent in your pockets. Now, imagine the cost when the free labor offer expires.

To provide a more budget friendly option, the people over at Rapide Auto Service Experts aims to provide casa-quality maintenance and offer it at a much more affordable cost. This is not just limited to older models but even to brand new vehicles. A good example would be the Toyota Rush, which can be seen being 'unboxed' by Rapide in the video above.

Rapide Auto Service Experts offers CASA-quality services for less

Despite the Rush being a brand new model, the company says that its periodic maintenance schedule (PMS) could be done at Rapide Service Centers for far more affordable rates thanks to the availablilty of quality parts outside of casa. According to Rapide, parts and other components for the Rush are interchagable with other Toyota models. That said, this allows you to canvas for parts in numerous places outside of the dealership and save even more money.

Rapide says that you can likely save an average of 50 percent on annual PMS cost by buying parts outside of the dealership. While not swaying customers away from casa, Rapide offers car owners a cheaper alternative for dealership quality maintenance.