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Reborn Fisker debuts EMotion at CES 2018


Fisker reveals first all-electric vehicle, the EMotion at CES 2018

At the currently on-going 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Fisker has launched their all-new electric vehicle, the EMotion. Compared to their previous vehicle, the Karma, the EMotion is a fully electric sedan instead of a hybrid. Despite that, it's overall design still take some subtle styling cues from Karma but put into a more flowing and streamlined body.

Underneath its skin, the EMotion is built from carbon fiber and aluminum in order to help keep the weight down. Powering it are multiple electric motors that output a total of 790 PS, which are then sent to all four wheels. Fisker claims that it translates to a 0-97km/h time of 'less than' three seconds with a top speed of 259 km/h.


Apart from the electric motors, the EMotion is also said to have level 4 autonmous capability. Five LiDAR sensors are installed into the car which allows software to classify objects around the vehicle. Fisker did not release any details about the new solid state batteries, which are currently under works. However, they did claim that the EMotion has a range of over 644km.

Open the upward opening 'butterfly' doors, the EMotion can come with either four or five seats. Inside, there are three screens that feed information to the driver. One atop the dashboard, one in the center of the dashboard, and one that replaces the traditional knobs and dials. An optional 27-inch curved screen is also available for passengers sitting at the rear. Uniquely, Fisker will be offering the EMotion fitted with vegan-friendly leather instead of the standard premium leather.

The EMotion will be built in the United States beginning the second half of 2018. Interested buyers may already place a deposit with the vehicle deliveries expected to begin in 2019.

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