Last week, the Philippine Army (Filipino: Hukbong Katihan ng Pilipinas) was looking for licensed bus and truck drivers in a special program. A qualified individual would have been enlisted as a Private in the army and would have earned PhP 37,838.00 gross per month.

Now there's another special recruitment notice: this time it's for auto mechanics.

Yes, the Philippine Army is looking for qualified automotive service technicians, and they need them immediately.

The qualifications are more or less the same as the requirements for the driver recruitment program last week: you should be 22-35 years of age, be a high school or K-12 graduate, have 5 years of experience, have an NBI clearance certificate, be living in Luzon, and is able to immediately resign from any current employment without any issues.

Philippine Army is in need of qualified auto mechanics image

In the previous recruitment, the land warfare branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines required applicants to already possess a Driving NC III certificate from TESDA. For auto mechanics, what the Philippine Army is requiring is an Automotive Servicing NC II certificate from TESDA.

Interestingly enough, in the enlistment program for drivers, the Army specified that recruits should be at least 5'4” tall. In this new notice, they didn't specify a minimum height.

The Philippine Army did not specify which vehicles the recruits would servicing, but the motor pool includes a lot of common trucks and other vehicles normally found on our roads like pick-up trucks from Mitsubishi and Toyota, Kia KM military vehicles, Isuzu Elf trucks, and bigger vehicles like the M35 (AKA the Deuce and a Half) from the US. They also have a variety of other military transport vehicles like Humvees and the like.

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Just like the recruitment notice for drivers, qualified individuals will be recruited and immediately enlisted as Privates. The gross salary per month will also be PhP 37,838.00.

If you're interested (and fit all the requirements) you can apply by sending a text message to the Philippine Army at +639563049391. The message should contain your full name, birth date, age, marital status, complete address, and current job description.

The deadline for applicants is at 5:00 PM (1700hrs) tomorrow, April 13, 2020. The Army says they will not entertain any messages on their Facebook page; the only channel of communication is via the number they gave.

Now if we get inundated with messages asking how to apply when the instructions were already laid out above, then maybe joining an organization that depends on obeying orders would be... problematic.