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Regional study says almost half of Filipino buyers want an electric car


Nissan Philippines to eventually bring in the all-new Leaf after regional study

Here’s something interesting that came right out of the gate at the Nissan Futures event, a thorough leadership forum that aims to tackle the issue of connected and more eco-friendly motoring happening right now in Singapore.

In a study commissioned by Nissan and conducted by research firm Frost & Sullivan in South East Asian countries on car buyers and owners (non-Nissan customers included), Filipino respondents ranked the highest amongst ASEAN in terms of considering an EV as a next new car purchase and the highest in terms of concern as to where the electricity comes from.


The study said 46% of Filipino customers are considering an electric vehicle as their next new automobile, while 93% of the Filipino survey sample says they are concerned where the electricity will come from (i.e. traditional fuels like coal/oil, or renewable sources like natural gas).

Unsurprisingly, given the strong interest in the region for electrified automobiles, Nissan’s SVP for regional operations, said that the company will roll out the Leaf in the ASEAN region. The Leaf is already the number one selling electic vehicle in the world, but this will be the first time it will be introduced in SEA markets.

The Philippines was not part of the first seven markets that will get the Leaf battery EV (BEV) within fiscal year 2018, but our market will get the e-Power parallel-hybrid technology as an intermediate step before the introduction of the Leaf BEV.

e-Power uses full electric drive, but does not have to rely on EV charging infrastructure. Instead it uses a small and efficient internal combustion engine to generate electricity for the system. Nissan says this will be the interim step before introducing EV tech. As to what e-Power model will launch is still unclear, though it is expected that the company will reveal the vehicle soon.

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