Since 2021 started, the Land Transporation Office (LTO) has been lenient with motorists and vehicle registration. Specifically, the agency has given them more time to register their vehicles. Both vehicles with plate numbers ending in “1” and “2” had their deadlines for registration extended. Now, the LTO has announced extended registration and validity of vehicles with plate numbers ending in 3.

Like the previous announcements, the validity of plates ending in “3” has been extended according to the schedule listed by the LTO. You may check out the official timetable below for your reference.

Registration for vehicles with plate ending in “3” extended – LTO image

Of course, this doesn't mean you can slack off and wait until the last minute. Owners still need to have their vehicles registered before the deadline. Otherwise, a surcharge (weekly penalty) will be collected upon registration. Given the current economic situation, that added surcharge could mean a lot for some motorists out there.

If you have free time now, we highly recommend having your vehicles ending in 3 registered already, even before the deadline arrives. While you are no longer required to go to a PMVIC for an MVIS, you can still opt to do so if you want. It's not as expensive anymore either way and only costs PHP 600. However, as announced by the LTO, an emissions test from testing centers across the country will suffice for registration.

Motor vehicle registration is a yearly thing to do. By now, we should have been used to it already. There's no point in waiting until the very last minute to do so.