First introduced back in 2015, the Foton Toano has been the brand's largest people carrier. With a capacity to seat 15 persons, it has been used by various companies as fleet vehicles as well as big families alike. Now, Foton Philippines has debuted a new variant of the large people carrier called the Toano Limousine. Rather than maixmizing passenger capacity, the Toano Limousine is focused on comfort.

Relax in traffic with the 2018 Foton Toano Limousine

The exterior of the Toano Limousine looks nearly identical to the other Toano models you'd see on the road. It's size and power also remains the same as other variants. In terms of exterior dimensions, the Toano Limousine measures a gargantuan 5990mm long, 2000mm wide and 2415mm tall. It also has a generous 3750mm wheelbase that ensures space for everyone at the back.

Step inside, however, and it is where Foton has made the biggest change. Rather than having mulitple rows of seats, the Toano Limousine has a 10-passenger configuration, freeing up more space inside. There are two rows of captain seats which are electronically controlled and can swivel about. The back row is fitted with a bench type seat which can seats three. The seats are then upholstered in leather.

Relax in traffic with the 2018 Foton Toano Limousine

To further improve passenger comfort, the Toano Limousine features a new infotainment system combined with a new interior design. A 23-inch LED TV was fitted as well as a new sound sytem to help pass the time. Get to listen to your favorite tracks or watch movies during those days with slow-moving traffic. There are also laminated wood flooring, sunshade curtains and even an automatic footboard for easier ingress and egress. Power outlets, a clock, a heater, cup holders and even an electronic kettle comes standard on the Toano Limousine.

Under the hood is the evergreen 2.8-liter Cummins CRDi turbo-diesel engine. Now benefitting from Blue Energy, the four-cylinder turbo-diesel is now Euro4 compliant and delivers better fuel efficiency and performance. It musters 160 PS along with 360 Nm of torque at 1400 – 1800 rpm. Power is then transferrred to a six-speed manual transmission.

Relax in traffic with the 2018 Foton Toano Limousine

A standard array of safety features come as standard on the 2018 Toano Limousine. It's equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), rear parking sensors with reverse camera, dual front SRS airbags, front and rear fog lights and adjustable headlight levelers.

The Toano Limousine is available in four colors: Phantom Black, Aurora White, Metallic Silver, Amber Bronze.

The 2018 Foton Toano Limousine retails for Php 2,580,000.