Don’t have enough load on your EasyTrip RFID?

If you need to reload quickly but don’t have time to go to a reloading station, EasyTrip Services Corporation (ESC) just introduced an easier way to top up your RFID.

In partnership with Smart Communications, users can now convert their mobile load to top up their EasyTrip RFID. This new feature is for Smart, Sun, and Talk N’ Text subscribers.
To do so, users can text ‘Easy [amount] [12-digit EasyTrip account number] and send it to 3279.

Easytrip Smart RFID load convert image

How can the subscribers use this service? All they have to do is enter Easy, then the desired amount they want to reload, their 12-digit account number, and send to 3279 (Easy 200 151000000000, send to 3279).

The RFID load will be credited in real-time to your account, according to EasyTrip. That means users don’t need to wait for a set amount of time before the RFID load is topped up. What’s more, is that users can reload their RFID accounts for as low as PHP 100.

The next time you’re going out of town and need to pass through NLEX, SCTEX, C5 Link, Harbor Link, CALAX, or CAVITEX, you can now easily reload your RFID by just having a Smart, Sun, or Talk N Text mobile load.