Renault unveiled the Kwid concept car at the 2014 Auto Show in New Delhi, India. Renault says the proportions of the concept car gives an impression of a bouncing vehicle. The Kwid concept car was developed by a global team in India and France based on an original drawing from Brazil.

"This is the first time we have chosen to reveal a concept car outside Europe and this is an eloquent sign of our commitment to India," said Renault’s Asia-Pacific Regional Chairman, Giles Normand.

The Kwid concept car is designed to have its own drone that serves as its companion on the road. The said device is controlled by a tablet mounted inside the car and can be used to survey the way ahead for traffic and other road essentials. The drone feeds the driver with live images from its vantage point. It also features a white electrically operated elastomer-constructed seats that allow generous back ventilation for the driver as well as the passenger.

The Kwid is equipped with a drone that gives the driver a live feed on the traffic ahead

It is powered by a 1.2L turbo engine in front-wheel drive configuration. Power is transmitted with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. Renault says the Kwid can be fitted with an electric powertrain as well.