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Renault-Nissan to develop autonomous cars with Microsoft


Nissan-Renault becomes automotive partner of Microsoft

In a bid to develop next-gen in-car technology over the span of several years, the Renault-Nissan alliance have entered a multi-year contract with Microsoft as its partner.

Serving as the backbone of development will be Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based computing infrastructure. With plans to have more than 10 models with some semblance of autonomous capability, many innovations resulting from this partnership may yield more productivity for people while the vehicle itself takes care of the driving.


In a nutshell, Renault-Nissan and Microsoft’s goal for this partnership is to make cars as highly integrated as smartphones currently are. With their intended tech in place, monitoring a vehicle could be done from anywhere. The companies offer examples such as loaning a vehicle to someone else just by ‘giving permission’ to that person. Should a vehicle be stolen, a quick login via laptop could disable the vehicle and render it inoperable.

Aside from autonomous tech, the partnership aims to change a car’s existing infotainment capability. For example, provided the vehicle can drive itself, workaholics could log into their offices off the bat and get work done on the road. Vehicle updates could be done over the air as well, keeping the vehicle up to snuff with new tech.

While all this seems rather interesting – not to mention futuristic – considering that the contract has been signed over a long period of time might mean that this tech won’t arrive any time soon. Still, it’s nice to know that car manufacturers are taking the step forward towards better technology.

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