In two months, the French intend to unleash hell on the hot hatchback world in a small German town… and the countdown is ticking.

Renault Sport, the performance division of Renault, has posted a teaser photo of its #Under8 campaign on its website, along with a countdown timer to June 16, 2014.

The campaign may have something to do with the SEAT Leon Cupra 280 snatching the lap record for the fastest, front-wheel-drive production car around the Nurburgring away from the French automaker, with a time of 7:58.4.

Before the Leon, the Megane Trophy was the fastest with an 8:07.9 lap time set in 2011.

In addition, Honda’s new Civic Type R and Opel’s upcoming Astra OPC Extreme are both gunning for the record.

The teaser photo also shows tire maker Michelin, Slovenian performance-exhaust maker Akrapovic, high-performance suspension company Ohlins and French timepiece builder B.R.M. as partners for #Under8.

It is highly possible that another Renault Sport Megane will be used for the record attempt.