Typically, you'll have to renew your license on your birthday. But what if you need your license renewed as soon as possible? Well, now you can, thanks to the LTO (finally) allowing an advanced renewal.

According to the LTO, you can now get your license renewed 60 days ahead of its actual expiration. You can even do a year in advance if you can prove to them that you are out of the country when the validity of your current one lapses. Not only is it more convenient, but there's also practically no more excuse to drive with an expired license.

Renew your license in advance? Now you can image

How does one apply for a new one in advance? First, you need to get a driver's license application form. You then have to fill it up and present your current valid Professional or Non-Professional Driver’s License, and proof of an electronically-transmitted medical certificate from an authorized medical testing center. From there, you can drive off with your renewed license for the next five years.

There are additional requirements if you are renewing the license a year in advance. Aside from filling up the form, presenting your current license and your medical, you must present an original plane ticket and a photocopy of it. Another document required is also a certified true copy of the employment contract as proof that the applicant will not be in the country on the date of renewal. That way, you'll no longer have to dread coming back to the country with an expired license.