In a meeting between Representative Rufus B. Rodriguez (2nd District, Cagayan De Oro City) and, the congressman revealed that he will be withdrawing House Bill 4181 which he authored.

The bill in question seeks to levy higher registration fees on persons, entities that own 2 or more vehicles.

The said bill was supposed to address the heavy vehicular traffic caused by the 6.2% average increase of vehicles annually and to help the environment by minimizing air pollution.

Rodriguez told during a courtesy visit that he will withdraw House Bill 4181 because it was deemed to be “anti-manufacturing”. He revealed that helping the Philippine auto industry grow is one of his priorities.

“It does not jive with my car manufacturing [policy] to increase their production,” Rodriguez said.

Moreover, Rodriguez withdraws House Bill 4181 because he received a lot of comments that additional vehicles are a neccessity to families.

Rep. Rufus Rodriguez has authored and co-authored several motoring-related bills together with his brother, Rep. Maximo Rodriguez (ABAMIN Party List) including one that seeks to make parking fees free for patrons, customers of malls and other establishments and the bill to make alternative fuel vehicles more affordable.