Both owned by Google, they were destined to be together.

That was confirmed by no less than the head of Waze in an event held at Google’s headquarters in California.

"It’s obvious that Waze is going to be in the car,” said Waze head Noam Bardin.

As a part of Android Auto, Waze will surely handle the vehicle’s navigation system based on crowdsourced information but what could make this partnership more appealing is the way Waze can use the data it takes from the vehicle to process a more customized experience.

“What I’m excited about in the future is the data the car has with the data our app has.  For example, we’ll know what your fuel level is and then we’ll be able to tell you where to get the cheapest gas based on how much gas you have left. We’ll know when the windshield wipers are on so we can get an understanding of if there’s a weather change because road weather is a very important safety factor," said Waze Head of Growth Di-Ann Eisnor.

Waze’s partnerships with cities, like the one it has with Rio de Janeiro, Boston, Louisville and Mexico and 30 others, will also make it a very important tool and feature for Android Auto in the future.

Cities can push road repair information while also gathering traffic data in order to better facilitate the flow of traffic. 

"When the car can begin talking to apps like our’s, can begin talking to the city, it gets very very exciting.  It’s getting that information not just from OBD [on-board diagnostics] but when OBD can talk to the toll, can talk to an app... you start looking at city infrastructure — it’s pretty neat," Eisnor said.

Although Google already confirmed the participation of several carmakers, Android Auto does not yet come built on any model and currently motorists can only get Android Auto through aftermarket solutions like Pioneer – and it doesn’t have Waze yet.

Source: Mashable