The Toyota 86 (GT86 in other markets) coupe is already due for its mid-cycle refresh and will reportedly get a boost in power along with new features in the engine and chassis.

According to Motoring AU, a source revelead that the 86 will get minor exterior revisions, an uprated engine output as well improved handling though nothing too big or drastic. The reason for this is that Subaru's BRZ will also benefit from the updates and both cars must meet certain parameters from both brands.

It will reportedly come with a restyled front end that features a new hood and headlights while both the front and rear bumpers will get a more aggressive appearance. The dual exhaust pipes may also get repositioned towards the far corners of the car to give off a sportier look added the source.

The 2.0-liter Boxer engine on the other hand will get mechanical upgrades such as an efficient intake manifold design that can boost power by around 5% while reducing fuel consumption at around 7%. Engineers are also busy reducing friction in the engine to improve overall performance. Output-wise, the refreshed 86 may come out with 211 PS.

Finally, the chassis will be fitted with new dampers from Sachs that will improve ride quality without compromising handling capability while a new rear subframe will enhance rigidity. In addition, the chassis will also be tweaked by Gazoo Racing, Toyota's own in-house racing arm.

The updated coupe from Toyota will reportedly be released sometime in April of 2016 and will be sold until 2020.

Note: Pictured above is the current-generation Toyota GT86

Source: Motoring AU