The luxury automaker from Gaydon, United Kingdom will soon be producing their own version of a high performance all-electric saloon after company CEO Dr. Andy Palmer stated that an electric variant of the four-door Rapide will be available by 2017.

Speaking during the 2015 Concours d’ Elegance, Palmer expounded on the matter that the need for an all-electric Rapide will balance out the company’s output of producing high-performance V8 and V12 models.

“If you want to keep making V-12 engines, then you’ve got to do something at the opposite end of the spectrum,” said Palmer.

This would become their defensive strategy as the all-electric Rapide will be their only nameplate in the lineup that is free of emissions.

In addition, the inclusion of an electric variant of the 4-door saloon will pit Aston Martin against Tesla, which is currently the only automaker that produces and sells a high-performance electric sedan in the market today.

The exact powerplant of the all-electric Rapide was not disclosed but Palmer stated that it will use batteries sourced from an ‘established supplier’ such as LG or Samsung. To top it all off, Palmer said that it will be an 800 PS AWD car that is capable of having 322 km range.

The CEO even went on to say that they already have a test vehicle of the electric car out on the road. Production-wise, Palmer estimated that they will be able to produce the electric Rapide in the hundreds annually.

The Aston Martin DBX concept

Aston Martin will not stop there apparently because after the all-electric Rapide is out; a production version of the all-electric DBX concept will be their next plan of attack in the electric car segment. It will however be released at around 2020 since the company is first focusing on making a plug-in hybrid version of the DBX, then a gasoline-powered model. A two-door version of the DBX is reportedly also in the works.

As a review, the DBX will be their take in the lucrative crossover segment and will become their anchor in securing a stable income, to ensure that Aston Martin will not have to face another bankruptcy.

Source: Automotive News Europe