The bow-tie brand might be thinking of making a hybrid or electric variant of the C7 Corvette Stingray after parent company General Motors filed a new trademark at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Filed last December 16, 2015 as the 'Corvette E-Ray', the new monicker could indicate that Chevrolet is developing or have already planned a new type of Corvette Stingray. Exact specifications weren't revealed, but there have been rumors that the company is working on a mid-engined Corvette.

US Patent Office and Trademark for Corvette E-Ray

According to Car & Driver, this might become the basis of the Corvette E-Ray. In theory, the front wheels could be driven by an electric motor while the rear axle will be powered by a naturally aspirated engine.

It is not certain yet if the Corvette E-Ray will be a concept car or a production car for the future.

Source: USPTO via Car & Driver