For most car enthusiasts, hybrids are something that they do not look forward too. This is because most hybrids that are accessible in the market are usually slow and dull to drive. With the release of the trinity hypercars however (LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918), they were able to show that hybrids can also be driver cars as well.

According to McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt, more hybrid McLarens will be released in the near future. Flewitt elaborated on this by saying that this is due the tighter emissions regulations surrounding automobiles. Flewitt believes that having 100-percent hybridization is the only way to meet tougher future emissions regulations. Electric is the direction for McLaren and the industry as a whole, Flewitt adds.

That said, the upcoming replacement for the 650S, the supposed 720S, will not be a hybrid. The car that replaces the 720S will most likely be a hybrid. Flewitt also hinted that an all-electric McLaren may be produced at some point in the future.

Source: AutoExpress via Road&Track