Even though D-Segment sedan sales are not as strong as they used to be, Peugeot is moving forward with an all-new 508. In an interview with Auto Express, Laurent Blanchet, product director for Peugeot, said that they aim to launch the second-generation 508 by 2018. The statement made by Blanchet defies the French automaker's plan on focusing on crossovers for years to come.

The current-generation Peugeot 508 has been around since 2011 and was revamped in late 2014. Now a six year old product, it is time for a major model change for the big Peugeot. According to Blanchet, they aim to position the next-gen 508 at the “high-end mainstream” market. What Blanchet mean what the 508 would be one step above the other Peugeot offerings but just below high-end brands. This was done so it wouldn't overlap with PSA Group's luxury division, DS.

Peugeot Instinct Concept

Gilles Vidal, head of design for Peugeot, added that the 508 may get design elements from their latest concept, the Instinct. The Instinct boasts of a more radical interpretation of Peugeot's current design language in a practical station wagon body. Vidal added that while the Instinct concept is smaller than the current 508, they can scale it to meet the size demands of the D-Segment. Whether it will retain its upright sedan proportions remains to be seen but it has been reported that it may follow the form of a four-door coupe like the recently revealed Volkswagen Arteon. A wagon version is also in the works.

Peugeot is currently testing the platform for the 2018 508 in the form of test mules. Judging by the test cars running on the road, it is longer and wider but that is the only information known at the moment. The only fact confirmed is that the 508 will move to the modular EMP2 platform that has been designed to accommodate both standard gas and diesel engines, along with full-electric powertrains.