Ever wanted a fully-electric Ferrari? (Not the remote control kind) Whether you like the idea or not, that may soon happen after FCA and Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that the prancing horse brand will be making a battery-powered Ferrari during the Detroit Auto Show. Doing so would allow them to take on high-end electric vehicle makers such as Tesla.

“If there is an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari will be the first. People are amazed at what Tesla did with a supercar: I’m not trying to minimize what Elon did but I think it’s doable by all of us,” Marchionne told Bloomberg.

At the moment, Ferrari has yet to build any fully-electric vehicles. Furthermore, their only vehicles to feature any form of electrification were the LaFerrari and the LaFerrari Aperta. In fact, the automaker has yet to pour investments on electrification compared to other manufacutrers. However, that may soon change as a previous report did mention that the Italian supercar maker was considering to offer hybrids by 2019.

“We do it because we have to do it. While there is work to be done, the new plan for Ferrari being released in the first half will include hybrid cars. So going from there to an electric is easy,” added Marchionne.

The 65-year old CEO did not mention when an electrified Ferrari will debut. However he did add that they will be introducing their first SUV, said to be 'the fastest on the market' by late 2019 or 2020. It would be no surprise then should a more mainstream hybrid Ferrari supercar makes its world premiere around the same time. This would give it a chance to take on that of the Tesla Roadster and other upcoming electric supercars.

Source: Bloomberg