Introduced back in 2012, the aging Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ twins are now 6 years old. To freshen up their look, both Toyota and Subaru gave the 86 and the BRZ a makeover in 2016. That said, it still begs the question of whether a successor to the rear-wheel-drive sports car will be introduced anytime soon. Recently however, reports have surfaced, that an 86 successor is already in development.

According to Japan Times, Toyota, together with Subaru, have already begun development of the next-generation compact rear-wheel-drive sports car. Essentially, this could be the next-generation 86. According to the source, the plan is to have the vehicle launched in 2021. This means the current 86 and BRZ will stick around for a couple more years.

Report: Are Toyota and Subaru making a more powerful 86, BRZ?

The 86 successor will reportedly have improved performance over the current model. More specifically, engine displacement will apparently be increased from 2,000cc to 2,400cc. The new engine will also have a lower center of gravity to improve stablity during cornering. For now, there is still no word what kind of engine will be used and whether a turbocharger will be fitted. Sorry, turbocharged BRZ STI hopefuls.

Toyota's upcoming 86 successor will be built at Subaru's plant in the Gunma Prefecture, where the current 86 and BRZ is built. Meanwhile, Subaru will also be selling the same vehicle but under the BRZ name which will likely sport minor exterior differences and features such as Eye Sight.

Given that the car is likely still in early development, don't expect to see any teasers of the 86 successor anytime soon. 

Source: Japan Times