The current Nissan Z car, the 370Z, has been around since late 2008 and at nearly ten years old, one could say that the Z sports car is in dire need of an all-new model. It's understandable why Nissan has been taking their time in the sports coupe segment. With crossovers raking in the profits for automakers, a niche coupe just won't bring in the money.

Back in January, the vice president of product planning at Nissan North America, Inc., Michael Bunce, said that they are working on a new Z sports car. However, the executive did not mention other details. This isn't the first time rumors have swirled around the iconic sports coupe. There were reports from Japan saying that the all-new Z might be built in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. Australian publications also reported that the next-gen Z sports car might even be a hybrid. So far, those reports have yet to be substantiated.

However, there is progress and Autocar UK reports that it might be called the 400Z. The British publication spoke to a 'high-ranking official' from Nissan saying that the plans are indeed underway. They also report the design chief Alfonso Albaisa is personally pursuing the project but adds that it will be a challenging one.

With that, the unnamed senior official from Nissan said that the tentatively named 400Z will receive an internal designation of Z35. It sticks to the tradition of Z car code names dating back to the 80's with the Z31. The report also stated that the all-new Z coupe will share its platform with the next-generation Infiniti Q50 (Skyline sedan in Japan) and Q60, Given that the 370Z's architecture is based on the long-discontinued Infiniti G37 sedan and coupe (also called Skylines in their home market), it is highly likely that the 400Z will indeed be a sportier version of the said upcoming Infinitis.

As for engines, it has been suggested that the 400Z will use a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine and, if the 400 in its name be a hint, is expected to produce around 400 PS. If so, the target figure is significantly up from the 370Z which makes 331 PS. Autocar UK also reports that a Nismo version is also in the cards and is expected to gain all-wheel drive and approximately 480 PS.

Source: Autocar UK