It seems that production of the Fisker Thunderbolt Concept will not push through as Aston Martin ahs reportedly accused their former designer, Henrik Fisker of copying the Vanquish for his Thunderbolt concept without their consent.

According to Automotive News Europe, the British marque accused Henrik Fisker of “bad-faith intent to free-ride off the tremendous goodwill associated with the famous Aston Martin mark.” The automaker expounded on this by saying that the company's winged logo, side vent badge and Vanquish mark are present on the Thunderbolt.

The rear and side of the Thunderbolt concept by Henrik Fisker

In addition, Aston Martin also said that Fisker was using the 'bait and switch' scheme wherein a company is trying to attract customers with features are not present on the product and then pressures them to switch over to a similar commodity.

Also interesting to note is that Fisker actually used an older DB9 or DBS as a donor car for his Thunderbolt concept but announced instead to the public that the concept car is based off the newer Vanquish Aston Martin.

Source: Automotive News Europe