Aston Martin's upcoming crossover will reportedly not be underpinned by a Mercedes-Benz SUV platform. The automaker has also stated that the DBX concept will be classified as a crossover.

According to Automotive News Europe (ANE), Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer stated that Mercedes-Benz's platform is on a different segment and will not be suitable for their planned crossover.

“Mercedes SUVs clearly sit in a very different space to the one we want to go to. They are very much an SUV and we don't want an SUV,” said Palmer.

The rear and side of the Aston Martin DBX concept

Palmer added that Aston Martin is known for its sporting heritage and said that buyers should feel like they are sitting inside the car instead of 'being on top' of it like most SUVs' seating position.

In light of this, the company is pondering whether their new platform destined for the DB9 successor can be adapted for their crossover. They are still working on how high the DBX will have to be but they will use parts sourced from Mercedes-Benz should the need arise. There are no exact details yet about the new platform but the CEO did say that it will be made from aluminum.

The car is expected to go on sale in 2019.

Source: Automotive News Europe