Report: Aston Martin gets cash support to overhaul lineup


Eyeing the possibility to develop an SUV

Aston Martin plans to refresh its model lineup and increase the company's sales growth through an investment plan with Italian shareholder Investindustrial SpA, a group of independently managed investment holding and financial advisory companies.

In a report by Bloomberg, Investindustrial will provide necessary funds to Aston Martin in order to overhaul its model lineup and increase the company's sales growth to 8,000 vehicles annually. Investindustrial Chairman Andrea Bonomi said that the company was always planning to invest in the automaker.

"Aston has an industrial plan which is growing in its ambitions and we have always planned to participate in all funding needs that Aston has. If Aston needs capital, we're there," Bonomi said.

Bonomi added that more details will be revealed at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show in March including a "clear indication of where (Aston Martin) is going" and the possibility of developing a sport-utility vehicle.

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