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Report: Aston Martin mulling new flagship supercar


Halo car reportedly being considered by Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer

After rumors of a road-going Vulcan have been laid to rest, Aston Martin is apparently considering making a new halo car fit for the open road.

Speaking to AutoExpress UK, Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer stated that he himself has talked about it with the company and there are many options available for the pending project.

“There is rarely smoke without fire. I have talked openly about a flagship supercar and a number of studies, including designs, are going on,” said Palmer.


Renowned Formula 1 engineer and Red Bull Formula One Team Chief Adrian Newey will reportedly be involved in the supercar project if it ever takes off but Palmer said that they don't have any projects yet with Newey or Red Bull itself.

However, Palmer is open to the idea of having Newey aboard in making the supposed halo car possible.

“Do I like the idea of Adrian Newey doing a road car with Aston? Yes. He is a man with a legacy to leave, but there is no authentic program with him yet,” added Palmer.

Palmer plans to have a decision by the end of the year but they are not rushing into it as it was still long way off.

In a previous report however, Red Bull Racing is reportedly underway in making their own version of a road-going supercar. It will supposedly be driven by an Aston Martin powertrain along with other technologies from Mercedes-Benz.

Note: Pictured above is the Aston Martin GT12

Source: AutoExpress UK

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