A few years ago, Aston Martin teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to build the RapidE concept, an all-electric version of their fast and gorgeous saloon car. Now, it has been revealed that starting next year, the Rapide sports sedan will be replaced by the RapidE. It will strictly be an electric vehicle rather than the previous thought that both vehicles would be sold together.

The confirmation of the RapidE replacing the gasoline-powered sports sedan came from Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer himself.

“The Rapide as a car by itself disappears, [but] the four-door market is covered in a different way," said Palmer.

Aston Martin's current gasoline-powered Rapide uses a 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 which produces 600 PS and 630 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, technical details regarding the RapidE is still a mystery, but it is rumored to use electric motors that will produce 811 PS and with enough battery to have a maximum distance of 320 kilometers depending on driving style.

Despite the end of one of the world's fastest four-door sedans, it would not be the for Aston Martin's four-door line up. Taking into account that the DBX crossover will be out by end of the decade along with the revival of the Lagonda name plate, expect other vehicles to replace the soon to be axed Rapide.

Andy Palmer believes that the electrification is the way to go, and that soon future regulations might benefit electric vehicles more. That, and considering that the V12 found in the Rapide is unlikely to meet regulations in the future, spells the end for the V12 Rapide.

Source: Motoring AU