Aston Martin will reportedly have to change the name of their Vantage GT3 after Porsche recently claimed that the GT3 monickers was theirs to begin with.

According to Goodwood Road & Racing, lawyers from the two car companies have been battling in court for ownership of the GT3 name.

Porsche's lawyers contested that the aforementioned monicker originally belongs to them as the German automaker already made use of it on their first GT3 back in 1999. Aston Martin's lawyers on the other hand defended their use of the GT3 name as they cited that they only used it to pertain to the racing category.

The Porsche GT3 RS

In the end though, the British automaker has reportedly decided to change the name of the Vantage GT3 to Vantage GT12, including their race cars, in order to avoid a long and expensive legal battle.

It is important to note that other automakers such as Bentley and Lotus have already released the aptly-named Continental GT3R and Lotus Esprit GT3 respectively but Porsche has yet to pursue a legal case against the two other automakers.

Note: The Porsche image is the latest GT3 RS

Source: Goodwood Road & Racing