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Report: Aston Martin to retain V12 engine, manual gearbox


The DB9's successor is already in the works

In today's automotive world where downsizing engines along with automatic and dual clutch gearboxes are becoming the norm, Aston Martin recently announced that they will be sticking with their long-running V12 engine and their manual gearbox.

According to a report by Car and Driver, company CEO Andy Palmer stated that their future models will still use the large-displacement engines but will be improved upon to meet emission standards. Palmer added that Aston Martin customers will always expect the V12 unit to be present in their lineup.

In addition, the automaker's 6-speed manual gearbox will still be offered by the company but, Aston Martin does offer models equipped with either a 6-speed automatic or an 8-speed dual clutch gearbox.


As for the partnership with Mercedes-Benz, the CEO simply said that the next-generation Vantage will be the only nameplate to receive the new twin-turbo V8 engine and like all Aston Martin automobiles, it will still use the brand's VH aluminum architecture.

“I would love to be the last car manufacturer providing stick shifts in the U.S. That’s my hope, we will keep the faith. And even as the industry moves to twin-clutch transmissions, at the heart of each of those you still have a manual transmission. It’s only a matter of breaking it into its parts, and that’s where I started my career, as a transmission engineer,” said Palmer.

Palmer also said to Car and Driver that they are already working on a replacement for the DB9 which will get styling cues from the DB10.

Source: Car and Driver

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