As the crossover sales continue to rise every year, Audi has decided to invest even more into the segment by further expanding its Allroad lineup. Audi's Allroad expansion will reportedly include a hatchback, Sportbacks and sedans.

The Audi Allroad series first started in 1999 with the A6 Allroad Quattro. In addition the the all wheel drive system, the A6 Allroad got height adjustable air suspension, flared wheelarches and low range gearing for off road use. The A6 Allroad has spanned three generations since its introduction 16 years ago. The Allroad lineup expanded to two cars with the introduction of the A4 Allroad in 2009.

The TT Offroad concept

In a report by Automobile Magazine, Audi is considering Allroad versions for most of its cars. Audi is planning to build Allroad models for the A3, A5 Sportbacks and A7. The company is also rumored to be considering Allroad sedans but, at the time of writing, Audi has yet to make an official announcement regarding the Allroad sedans.

Source: Automobile Magazine