The third BMW i model is currently being conceptualized by the automaker according to company R&D chief Klaus Froehlich.

Based on a report done by Automotive News Europe (ANE), Froehlich stated that the development team are currently in the strategic research phase where they are busy brainstorming ideas for the next i model by talking with customers, holding workshops and then presenting their ideas to the R&D department.

Froehlich added that the next i model will not be based on an existing nameplate as the i sub-brand is to change how a low-emissions car should look and perform so there are no plans to re-package any vehicles from the BMW Group.

Aside from that, BMW will also be improving the powertrain of future i3 and i8 production models.

“We have a minimum 20 percent battery density improvement every three years, thus over the i3 and i8’s life cycle, we will offer more performance, more range or a combination of the two,” Froehlich told ANE.

Current owners of the BMW i3 and i8 however will not benefit from the refined powertrain as the batteries themselves are bonded and integrated directly onto the chassis, making it hard for the manufacturers to retrofit existing models according to Froehlich.

Note: Pictured above is the BMW i8

Source: Automotive News Europe