BMW’s CSL designation said to replace the GTS as range topping M model

CSL, which stands for Coupe Sport Lightweight, is often associated some of the most hardcore BMW models. In fact only two cars in BMW’s entire model lineup have had that badge, the E46 M3 CSL and the E9 3.0 CSL, both of which are two of BMW’s most beloved cars. After the M3 CSL, the designation seems to have remained dormant apart from a homage concept of the 3.0 CSL previewed a few years back. Instead, the new range topper for the M-models were designated GTS.

After launching the M4 CS (Coupe Sport) earlier this year, it seemed possible that the CSL could also be making a comeback. That possibility may soon turn to reality as a report by Road and Track says that the CSL designation is making a comeback on future M models.

BMW M boss Frank Van Meel spoke with Road and Track and confirmed that the CSL will be returning on future M-models. The CSL will be replacing the GTS as the new range topper on M-model cars, keeping in line with its legacy of being the most hardcore variant. Basically, expect that upcoming CSL M-models to be a track-oriented vehicle with a license plate.

In the report, Meel did not say which future M-models will receive the CSL designation, but expect the X5 M as a candidate. It is possible that other M-models, be it four-door sedans or two-door coupes, could have the CSL designation.

Enthusiasts are likely to be happy about the CSL’s return. However, this also adds pressure on BMW to make the upcoming CSL model live up to the standards of the two previous CSL models. For now, we can only wait and see which M-model will receive the CSL designation.

Source: Road and Track