Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer recently stated that they will be introducing the final 450th Veyron come March during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

In an interview with German publication Auto Motor Und Sport, Durheimer said that production of the final Veyron will be completed this year. When asked if it will be a 2016 model year, Durheimer stated that the brand's production cycle cannot be compared with other car companies.

"Bugatti is unique. Our super sports cars are not only in terms of vehicle dynamics and technology particularly, each car is equally a work of art in itself. Many of our customers are art collectors, and they know that it takes time to create a work of art," he added.

As for the successor of the long-running Veyron, the company has to outdo itself since the Veyron is in itself a supercar that has "led the automotive world into new dimensions" according to Durheimer.

"The successor must do everything better than its predecessor. Now we make the best even better," he ended.


Source: Auto Motor Und Sport