The bow-tie brand's rumored mid-engined Corvette may apparently become the basis of Cadillac's upcoming halo car, according to a report.

Speaking with Motor Trend, the automotive magazine asked if the brand is considering a high-performance automobile . Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen just stated that it is one of their options for the future. It won't be a wholly-made Cadillac however as de Nysschen also said that it won't be 'economically' feasible'.

The company president then said that a highly-modified Corvette platform would be their best bet in developing a new halo car.

The company is also thinking of making an ultra-luxury flagship car instead of the previously mentioned halo car. There are no exact details though de Nysschen did say that it might be a 'very luxurious, very indulgent and very sophisticated four-door convertible'.

Beside talking about the future products of Cadillac, de Nysschen also talked about the grim future of the manual transmission. For him, modern automatics nowadays do a better job of transferring and managing engine power to the wheels. Add to that the slow sales of manual models in the market, it is not practical anymore to offer a car with a manual gearbox added de Nysschen.

There is also the matter of hybrids wherein Motor Trend asked if Cadillac will go with diesel or gasoline hybrid. De Nysschen simply said that they need to do both due to different markets.

“We need zero-emissions capability in China just to be there, so that sort of forces your hand in the first place. In the nearer term, given costs of the technology and the preferences of the European market, if you don’t have diesel, you don’t play. So it kind of pushes you into doing both. And besides that you need your normal sophisticated technology on gas engines for the other markets. So this is why I say that if I have to keep all of that alive, that’s where I’ll put the money,” said de Nysschen.

Source: Motor Trend