Being a pickup powered by a 2.8L turbodiesel inline-4 pushing 200PS, the current Chevrolet Colorado available in our local dealerships is certainly no slouch. Judging from movements at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office however, it seems Chevy is keen to further improve the Colorado by creating a new model to top the LTZ and ZR2 models abroad. Having recently filed trademark for the names 'Colorado Bison' and 'ZR2 Bison', we're possibly looking at a new, more rugged lineup of Chevrolet Colorados in the near future.

Sources from indicate that the trademark names filed were for use in “motor land vehicles, namely trucks” exclusively. Seeing as the Bison nameplate does not hint at any particular kind of vehicle, we may be looking at either a high performance version of the Colorado or a utility-based model.

Chevrolet's Bison nameplate was originally used on big heavy-duty Class 8 trucks. While it may be likely that the Colorado/ZR2 Bison would be a ZR2 geared towards utility with a bed housing various accessories. This may be matched with the ZR2's already-rugged setup – bigger tires, multimatic shocks and all.

It's either that, or a more powerful version of the Colorado ZR2 is definitely in the works to go against the upcoming Ford Ranger Raptor.

Seeing as this is all but a new name at this point, we will have to wait and see what the 'Colorado Bison' will eventually become.