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Report: China may succeed U.S. as Porsche's biggest market


Both China and the U.S. favor the Cayenne in terms of sales

The U.S. has been Porsche's number one market and is led by the brand's full-size SUV, the Cayenne. But China might replace the U.S. as Porsche's biggest market as the automaker was able to sell more cars in China than in the U.S. last September.

According to a report from Automotive News Europe, Porsche's China sales grew to 54 percent and amounted to 4,344 units during the month of September while sales in the U.S. only went up by 17 percent and amounted to 3,607 units in the same month. During the first nine months though, Porsche's China sales numbered at 32,592 while US sales were at 35,366. Growth percentage however favored China as it went up by 19 percent as the US market only accounted a 12 percent boost.

"The U.S. performed very well this year, after a great year in 2013, but China is growing fast, thanks to the Cayenne which is our best seller there," said Bernard Maier, Porsche’s Sales and Marketing Chief.


It is still unclear whether China or the U.S. will be the automaker's largest single market as Maier added that is “still an open head-to-head race”.

The Cayenne SUV was Porsche's top seller in September as 51, 000 units were sold while the 911 range ranked 2nd with 22,900 sales. The Panamera ranked 3rd as 18,700 units of it were sold.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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