Jia Yueting, owner of Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp (LeTV), has released teaser sketches for a Tesla Model S competitor. His all-electric Tesla rival will be called Le Supercar.

Yueting has invested $1.2 billion of his own personal shares in the company for the car to be ready in concept form by the 2016 Beijing Motor show, to be held in April. Yueting has also hired 600 engineers, designers and industry executives from some big names such as BMW, General Motors and, from the company he's targeting, Tesla Motors. For the car's infotainment and display systems, the company currently has a partnership with Aston Martin.

Le Supercar preview rear

A major name involved in the project is ex-Lotus employee, Tony Nie. Nie recently said that the Tesla competitor is being fully developed in-house, with no help from other manufacturers. The all-electric car will be using the company's self-developed batteries and electric motors. It has also been reported that the Le Supercar will feature autonomous driving.

The company's target date for the production model is sometime in 2017, a year after the concept will be shown.

Source: WorldCarFans