Earlier this year, Mini gave us a preview of their upcoming electric vehicle simply called the Electric Concept. A production model of it is expected to debut in 2019 and features a future rendition of Mini's design language. However, new reports indicate that the Mini brand could become fully electric in the future.

According to Reuters who spoke with BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer, the Bavarian automaker is said to be in talks with other automakers around the world. Should the venture be fruitful, it would them to develop and lower the costs of electrifying its future lineup of Mini cars.

“We are talking to many OEMs (manufacturers) around the world, not only in China, (about) how to electrify smaller cars. There’s no final conclusion on it,” Schwarzenbauer told Reuters.

As to why BMW is looking to partner up, Schwarzenbauer says that building smaller electric cars were far more challenging than that of a standard sized vehicle. Apart from the financial costs, engineers had to overcome the problem of fitting batteries with sufficient range into a smaller vehicle.

With the first all-electric Mini expected to join the lineup in 2019, more electric models could follow suit should Schwarzenbauer's plans fall through. Eventually, Mini could become a fully electric brand.

A shift to electrify the entire Mini lineup is not impossible. Given how most majors cities around the world are becoming ever more strict with emissions, a fully electric Mini lineup built for the urban consumers is not a bad idea.

Source: Reuters